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future of learning iconOne of the questions we get most often is about learning. Whether you're interested in machine learning, deep learning, or artificial intelligence, the base question everyone wanting to know about is the same: What do I need to buy in order to get immediate ROI and long-term value from my project? It's followed almost immediately by the next question: Which of the frameworks do I need to use to get started? I don't have a lot of machine learning experts on staff...

We hear you ... unfortunately the answers are probably more complex than you're wanting. But we have put together a set of slides which aim to answer these questions in the generic sense and cover our view of the outlook in this space for the next 3-5 years. We put this together initially for the HPC User Forum conference in Beijing (2016) and revised and updated it for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency in early 2017. But as we said, the work is for the generic case -- give it a read and contact us and we'll help you with the specifics for your organization.

PDF: HPC in Machine/Deep Learning: Practical Deployments and Best Practices for 2017-2019