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Data Vortex Technologies Partners with Providentia Worldwide to Develop Novel Solutions

 AUSTIN, December 6 – This November, proprietary network company Data Vortex Technologies formalized a partnership with Providentia Worldwide, LLC.

Providentia is a technologies and solutions consulting venture which bridges the gap between traditional HPC and enterprise computing.  The company works with Data Vortex and potential partners to develop novel solutions for Data Vortex technologies and to assist with systems integration into new markets.

This partnership will leverage the deep experience in enterprise and hyperscale environments of Providentia Worldwide founders, Ryan Quick and Arno Kolster, and merge the unique performance characteristics of the Data Vortex with traditional systems.

“Providentia Worldwide is excited to see the Data Vortex network in new areas which can benefit from their fine-grained, egalitarian efficiencies. Messaging middleware, data and compute intensive appliances, real-time predictive analytics and anomaly detection, and parallel application computing are promising focus areas for Data Vortex Technologies,” says Quick.

“Disrupting entrenched enterprise deployment designs is never easy, but when the gains are large enough, the effort is well worth it. Providentia Worldwide sees the potential to dramatically improve performance and capabilities in these areas, causing a sea-change in how fine-grained network problems are solved going forward.”

The senior technical teams of Data Vortex and Providentia are working on demonstrating the capabilities and performance of popular open source applications on the proprietary Data Vortex Network.

The goal is to bring unprecedented performance increases to spaces that are often unaffected by traditional advancements in supercomputing.

“This is a necessary step for us – the Providentia partnership is adding breadth to the Data Vortex effort,” says Data Vortex President, Carolyn Coke Reed Devany.

“Up to this point we have deployed HPC systems, built with commodity servers connected with Data Vortex switches and VICs [Vortex Interconnect Cards], to federal and academic customers.  The company is now offering a network solution that will allow customers to connect an array of different devices to address their most challenging data movement needs.”

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